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Thread: Musical Silvia

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    Musical Silvia

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    Hi All,

    Ive had my Silvia for about two months now. And noticed once it has been on for a while and well and truly warm it becomes musical. Towards the end of the heating cycle it makes a harmonic humming sound that moves through a range of pitches. Certainly dont think its anything bad, just interested to see if anyone else has noticed this? Or is it just common to all machines with a boiler? Im guessing it is just hot brass resonating from the steam.


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    Re: Musical Silvia

    Mine does that when left on and well heated.

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    Re: Musical Silvia

    I have noticed various musical sounds emanating from my Silvia at various times, seems to be more common after I have descaled her boiler.

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    Re: Musical Silvia

    Mine does it too, towards the end of the heat cycle.

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