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Thread: Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

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    Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I have been reading the forum for quite sometime while I decided what machine to purchase and waited for sales.

    Ended up purchasing an EM6910 with EM0480 grinder at a sale price of $650 which I thought was outstanding value and difficult to pass up given the extra expense of compareable machines.

    I wanted to say a general thankyou to the many people who have written reviews and personal feedback about the various hardware for sale.

    I attended a sunbeam course which was a useful investment of time and am now hapilly enjoying nice coffee at home.

    I spent some practicing my milk frothing using a technique I saw on a youtube vid - water with 1 drop of detergent to work with in producing microfoam. So far so good though I still poor crap and cant get decent artwork haha.

    For the first time at home I am making consistent enough coffee that I can really taste the different bean flavours clearly. Guests are loving the drinks I am now making and perhaps one-day I can wean my father off instant coffee...

    The machine makes a mean hot chocolate too :D.

    I think my next investment will be a naked portafilter though I may need to make it myself from a 2nd hand item due to finances.... they seem to be rare so Ill see how that goes :).

    Also considered using a small ammo press or similar to make myself a tamping machine to make it more consistent (even using a torque wrench could work if I calibrate it correctly and manufacture a lever or rack an pinion to drive my tamper). A cheap off the shelf option may be more attractive though.... are there any available?

    Thanks again for all of the good info :)

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    Re: Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

    Glad its all going well. Wouldnt get too hung up on the tamping pressure (level and even is very important, but that isnt too hard to learn). Pressure has an effect, but dose and grind have a much bigger effect on your shot quality (have a read of the "Baristas handbook" - youll find free bits on a well known American forum). Im sure others will argue with you about this, but do a few experiments and I think youll find a that the difference between a firm tamp and very firm tamp is negligible in the cup. The other thing you can do is polish the face of the tamper that comes with the machine to make it a bit nicer to use. You can also jump on the "tap-or-not-tap" debate ;) Have fun :)

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    Re: Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

    I agree, while tamping can seem tricky to get consistent in the early days, pressure really isnt that important. The old 30lb thing is a guideline, I generally use less.

    As noted above, tamping level and consistently is more important than the actual tamp pressure.
    I have a friend who also purchased this setup, and I can say the surface of the tamper does leave a bit to be desired, as far as polishing the top of the grounds is concerned, so try polishing the tamper surface that touches the coffee, or if you want to spend money, you could purchase a more expensive tamper with a nice polished surface, (my Pullman works well, but there are some other good ones out there).

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    Re: Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

    I did hear one of the experts here say he grinds super fine and tamps lightly.

    No-one has answered your "tamping machine" question - you can get off-the-shelf click tampers that are set to click at a particular pressure. I think you can get click mats also.


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    Re: Thanks for all of the advice and informative posts

    You can buy a spring loaded style tamper that works of a preset pressure similar to a tension wrench but they are around $140 or as suggested just get a smooth manual tamper and practice. coffee parts have a nice stainless steel one with a rosewood handle for about $50. Happy shot pulling on your new machine

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