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Thread: sunbeam em6910 problems

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    sunbeam em6910 problems

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    My lovely machine has developed a makes a buzzing/ humming noise as soon as you put in on at the wall, even thougfh its not turned on...and when you pour a shot it goes into the red zone even though the shot seems to be flowing quite well...and does not seem over extracted....the milk frother seems different too...hless pressurized...I have nothing different. :-? :-?

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    Re: sunbeam em6910 problems

    Hi Margo,

    Do you fill the water from the top? In the past I have done this and poured a bit fast, the result being water overflowing the left end (looking from the front), through the hinge of the top flap and down into the machine. If I leave it off for 30 mins or so it dries out and is ok again. If yours is staying on it might be moisture/cockroaches inside (other posts have reported this problem in the past). If your tech savy you can dismantle and have a look (BE VERY CAREFUL - LOTS OF 240V inside that can send you to the big coffee house in the sky!!). If its still under warranty Id be ringing SB. Gook luck.

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    Re: sunbeam em6910 problems

    Mine is only 4 months old and has a buzzing noise as well and even though it will push water through an empty group handle it wont push through coffee filled one. Also the buzzing happens when using the hot water nozzle as well. It is presently at the workshop [3 weeks is the norm] any ideas what it could be.

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    Re: sunbeam em6910 problems

    Margo mine was a stuffed solenoid and was fixed in 2 days at the richmond service centre under warranty, and now it works a treat. It may be similar to your problem, now no buzzing. good luck

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