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Thread: ps ashfiled appliance repairs

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    ps ashfiled appliance repairs

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    Anyone have any reports about ashfield appliance repairs or any other good repairer for my sick sunbeam em6910...i have heard that some repairers take a couple of months to fix the machine....ahhh

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    Re: ps ashfiled appliance repairs

    Just send an email to the sponsors. Im sure one will be happy to help.

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    Re: ps ashfiled appliance repairs

    Hi Margo. Where is Ashfield?

    Depends on the problem. Some parts that need replacing can take some time from the time they order it to the time it takes to travel to the repairer.
    Theres also the time the machine waits in line while the repairer fixes other machines. Then this situation may take 3 weeks to a month. It should not take more than a month.

    If a cable/wiring has been dislodged, something that got clogged with grounds or if its just a routine maintenance to clear scale and muck as well as replacing the collar, then it should take only a few days up to 2 weeks.

    What is most important is finding the best reputable repairer that is within reasonable distance from you.
    Its like repairing cars. Its not so much the flashy place, its about the skills of the mechanic who also knows the insides and outs of machinery.

    Try entering a query at the bottom left of this page to the sponsors. You should get a response soon.
    All the best.

    Gary at G

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    Re: ps ashfiled appliance repairs

    Ashfield are one of the few Sunbeam repairers authorised to fix the 6910.
    Ive dealt with them before and theyve never taken months to fix anything.
    The guy calls a spade a spade so will tell you if parts wil be a while nce he knows what it needs.

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