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Thread: Help with my Delonghi please :)

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    Help with my Delonghi please :)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all
    Im new to the forum so please take it easy ;D
    I just got the best hand-me-down ever frommy mum.
    A Delonghi Magnifica 3000. Its a few years old but all is good.
    I was wanting to know how can i make the coffee stronger?
    as it taste a little watery.
    could it be the inbuilt grinder not grinding fine enough?
    or am i just used to overly strong coffee from the coffee truck that comes to work?
    I would love to figure this out

    Thanks heaps

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    Re: Help with my Delonghi please :)

    Hi Ratty and welcome.

    Unless youre planning to roast that machine, your post may be better in one of the equipment forums: ;)

    No doubt a mod will move it for you in due course.



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