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Thread: Faema Family PID project

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    Faema Family PID project

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    Hi - am new to this forum :-?* I have been fascinated to read the posts by Sparky et al on various mods to the Faema Family.* I own one and would love to get the water temperature at the group more stable from one day to the next.* Pressure at the group is set to 9bar and seems stable. It would be great to somebody recommend a PID kit ... and to have more detail on Sparkys ?mod to the water inlet to the boiler.

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    Re: Faema Family PID project

    Welcome Faema1.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    You could try sending Sparky a PM even though he is living and working in Europe these days, he may still check in on us from time to time...

    Any of the Kits designed for a Silvia should work OK or you could try acquiring and assembling the parts yourself, which would be cheaper but maybe not as well thought out.

    Check out the threads on Silvia PID Controller mods, should give you some ideas.... 8-)


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