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Thread: Help required to select new machine.

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    Help required to select new machine.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi CSers

    Looking to purchase my first machine/setup and invite peoples comments and advice on what machine would be best in the $1000-$1500 bracket.

    -I consume 2-3 coffees a day with milk
    -Need the machine to be able to warm up within 30 min.
    -Want to be able to make 4-6 coffees when i have friends over.

    I have a budget up to $2k for a machine & grinder would appreciate it if people could comment on what grinder would complement a certain machine.

    Also i live in the country victoria and would be interested in testing some machines in my price bracket, Which CS sponsers provide this in Victoria?

    Look forward to responses
    Lenny :)

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    Re: Help required to select new machine.

    Not speaking from experience here, just a general observation of other posts. (so please dont take me seriously)

    maximise on grinder, then get the cheapest HX or dual boiler machine?

    Some options?
    -k3t grinder and the new breville dual boiler

    -breville smart grinder and new breville dual boiler

    -k3t grinder and nuova simonelli oscar (hx)

    -k3t grinder and expobar office semi auto (hx)

    Would recommend k3t over breville smart grinder, seems like everyone always aims for the highest possible for grinders. Every single cent is worth it.

    Well breville smart would be more appropriate if you often change grind settings for different coffee equipments. K3t better if you are into espressos only.

    Espresso machines. I cannot make up my mind.
    Either the Breville dual boiler or Expobar Office semi auto.
    And if you want to save more money, the nuova simonelli oscar. (not that its bad or anything, but... I just like the metallic bling of the other 2)

    I would recommend Chris of Talk Coffee
    Great service and patience hehe* ;D

    Sorry if this confuses you even more :(
    Hope this helps ^^


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    Re: Help required to select new machine.

    Welcome Lenny... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Best bet by far, is to fire off an email to all of our site sponsors via the address noted at the bottom of the Site Sponsor list on the L.H. side of the page. Those that can help you out will respond and then you can make arrangements to test-drive various machines and grinders at their premises.

    All the best mate... :)


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    Re: Help required to select new machine.

    Thanks for reply mal & leo.

    I am liking the look of the new Breville BES900 with the Breville smart grinder.

    ill keep you informed with my decision.

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    Re: Help required to select new machine.

    Hi Lenny,

    If youre in Sydney, you have one last opportunity for a look and play

    Cuppacoffee and Talk Coffee both have some nice numbers on this combo. See the relevant sponsor areas.


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