these machines are prone to over heating the head and getting bad shots. but i think i have found a techquine that will allwow all day running.

for my temp testing on the head (while running at 0.8 bar) it will get to over 100C.

i though maybe the PF needs to stay in the group to help with heat sinking but that only dropped the temp about first crack so i though ahhhh maybe i should try it with the twin spouts on.. no difference..

hmmmm thats when i tried a COLD PF i.e run it under cold water. and after about 1 minute BANG 93C.

it wa then that i clicked maybe thats why they have the lose basket?

so i tried the PF without the basket and again 93C.

so to get a good shot for your "to hot" la pavoni/gaggia factory simply flush the PF with cold water and attach it to the group without the basket while you grind and tamp. then remove the PF add the basket and pull a great shot.