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Thread: PONY MODEL-T espresso machine

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    PONY MODEL-T espresso machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am looking into my first espresso machine, but because of money restraint, have been looking at the lelit and the rancilio sylvia.
    But an oportunity of a PONY MODEL-T espresso machine, only used once has been offered to me,( same price as the above mentioned units) I would buy the conversion kit so that ground coffee can be used instead of the pods.
    these machines are selling for $1500.
    I guess my question is to the experienced coffee snobs, would this be a better altenative as far as machine quality goes compared to the cheaper lelit or sylvia.
    Keeping in mind that we will use the conversion kit to get away from the pre-ground coffee.
    would appreciate comments

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    Re: PONY MODEL-T espresso machine

    Id never heard of the PONY until your post.
    Cant be very popular can it?

    It has one of those "frother" steam wands (not good).

    Why was it used only once and is now for sale?

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