Hi there
New member, long time reader !
The trusty Saeco Incanto Rapid Steam has failed, have owned it 6 years, only 2 repairs in this time. At least 2 shots PD.
After reading many posts here Im considering the Breville BES900. Very nice.
I have the drum on autos now :-[
But...I would like to see if i could repair this one - its a challenge !
Steam and water output has stopped. When the ON tap is activated i hear the pump trying to operate but it sounds very weak & quiet, with no output. The red water indicator is lit and thus prevents any other function (this usually comes on when tank is out of water) so im not able to use/test extraction function etc...
I am technical background (electronics) but unsure of how to test the ULKA EP5 pump ? i feel this may be faulty ?
Any ideas please ?
Thanks IA