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Thread: Auber PID Silvia Lag problem

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    Auber PID Silvia Lag problem

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    Hi all,

    I just installed an Auber PID into my machine. Im aware there is some lag involved but mine seems to be a little excessive, particulalry on the steam setting.

    With the steam selected the temp rises to about 120 indicated on the PID, then the boiler starts bubbling back into the reservoir and the overheat thermostat trips, disconnecting the heater. The PID will continue to rise slowly (over a minute or so to 140-145 deg).

    Im in touch with Auber but wondering if there are any suggestions? Ive moved the sensor 4 times, tried varying amounts of grease, checked wiring etc. The sensor is the same size as the original thermostats and is held in the same brackets (its not screw in or a spade type).

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Auber PID Silvia Lag problem

    Lag is definitely the sensor.* You need the absolute minimum amount of thermal grease.

    As an end-around check - try removing the sensor and heating it (heat gun, gas torch etc....) and make sure it goes above 120C!*

    On my Silvia - the sensor is in the same place but it is a skinny 2mm diameter sensor clamped to the top of the boiler with a small block of brass.* The purpose made ones should be better.* I get zero (well, close to nil) delay.* Dont have the steam one - the steam thing just goes on the alarm outputs of the PID but Ive never bothered.

    The behaviour of the PID from Auber should be to heat up quickly with some overshoot; then it should settle down and grab the set point pretty quickly once it is up to heat.* (This is how Suyi has them programmed).* If you have the set point at 106C, it will probably go to 112C or so initially then hold 106C.

    The other thing to check is that a temperature offset hasnt been plugged in and 120C is actually 140C..

    The instructions for checking are:

    Turn it on.* Press )set(.* You should have 0000 on the display.* Drive over using the > key and change this to 0089 and press )set( again.

    You should be looking at a display that says "IntY" now.* I think it is the "^" arrow you press now and cycle through the options till you get to "PSb".* Press )set( and this is the input offset.* So if you have anything other than zero, thats the problem.* Use the arrow keys to make it zero and press )set( and youre done.* (You can just flick the on/off switch at this point to get it back to non-programming mode).

    But I really think it might be the sensor!


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    Re: Auber PID Silvia Lag problem

    I had the same problem when I first installed my PID a few weeks ago. Checked and it seemed that the PID readings were about 20-30 degrees higher then measure with an external thermometer.

    In the end I emailed them suspecting a faulty sensor (tried remounting and ensured wiring was correct), received a new one and the problem was fixed.

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