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Thread: Simple to use automatic machine

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    Simple to use automatic machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    HI All

    My wife is a member of our school P&C committe and they have an idea of getting an espressso machine for school fundraising days and in the canteen for the teachers to buy coffee at lunch.

    Looking for advice on the best simple to use atuomatic coffee machine with built in grinder. Loads of different people would be using the machine so it needs to be simple to use and clean. The P&C would look at anything up to $1500 ( Not much i know but its all they have).

    My wife was talking about a nesspresso machine but i kind of shot that down.

    What can people reccomend?



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    Re: Simple to use automatic machine

    try and get an aldi one for $399, it has 60 day refund if they dont like and 2 year on site warranty.
    Andy did a review and said it made good coffee.

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    Re: Simple to use automatic machine

    TBH in the $1500 range I dont see much improvement in quality over the cheapo super autos. Ive used a $3k+ Jura and a $1200 Delonghi and the Jura wear spots (cup tray, etc) were chrome plated plastic :o - at least the Delonghi has metal cup tray. In terms of quality of output, in a public place the settings can be changed by anyone to produce brown muck, theyre designed for a home kitchen where people dont "play" randomly.

    There are some good pod machines, but youd have to buy something to do the milk (those little induction milk frothers arent too bad). Pod machines are also more expensive per drink, but if youre charging then youll make that back anyway.

    Factor in to your budget regular servicing - once or twice a year depending on use (in addition to good beans, milk, and cleaning products). Theyll replace leaking seals, split hoses, and various things which can make the coffee degrade quite substantially if not looked after.

    Also - make sure you have a cleaning nazi (no offence) who follows up on the cleaning roster. Super auto or manual will have specific cleaning instructions. The super autos must be taken care of since milk blockages can blow off internal pipes (speaking from experience :( ) and they have specific milk/descale/clean routines.

    Having said all that, when I left my last work (20 - 40 cups per day) we had produced about 10000 drinks on our Jura, and apart from the aforementioned wear it was still making reasonable coffee. I also did up a cleaning roster and trained, named, and shamed people regularly on cleaning ;) so it was well looked after.

    This is just experience from using 2 super autos, the sponsors will give you a much better idea.


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