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Thread: Silvia leaky steam arm, which part do I need?

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    Silvia leaky steam arm, which part do I need?

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    Hello, Ive had my Silvia now for 4 and a half years and its given me many hassle free shots of coffee.

    Recently the slow drip out the steam arm that it always had when idling, has turned into a substantial leak when pulling shots.

    Im wondering if anyone knows which parts are required to fix this?

    Is it a simple case of replacing O rings? Do I need a new valve? Or do I need the steam valve Gasket?

    Thanks, Sam.

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    Re: Silvia leaky steam arm, which part do I need?

    Hi Sam
    You would most likely be looking for the valve seal for the Steam Valve. I replaced mine a while back - got it from Coffee Parts over there <---
    When I did it, I replaced the o-rings on the steam arm and the valve at the same time. (Grabbed a group head seal too, but havent needed that yet).
    You will also need some food grade hi temperature grease to lube up the valve thread and the o-rings. I bought the tube available from Jaycar.
    Link to parts page at Coffee Parts (assuming its the same pre-08 model as mine):
    The job is pretty straight forward, but does require removal of the steam valve from the machine.


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