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Thread: Compact espresso machine recomendation

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    Compact espresso machine recomendation

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Snobs,
    Wondering whether you could recomend a compact (portable) manual espresso machine.
    Does not hav to be new and would gladly fix a broken one if it was capable of making great coffee. Idea is wife keeps her magnifica, my espresso is brought out on weekends and taken away on family holidays. Budget is $500.
    will pair it with a lux
    cheers Pat

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    Re: Compact espresso machine recomendation

    Do you want to be lugging a machine around with you ?
    What about an AeroPress, i take this way with me when im not at HQ.

    Dad and I went camping for a week and we took the aeropress and have fresh coffee every day, was amazing, sitting out in the scrub with fresh brew.

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    Re: Compact espresso machine recomendation

    what about a gaggia classic or baby?

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