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Thread: Synesso basket in VBM

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    Synesso basket in VBM

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    When the Pullman Barista tampers eventually go on sale, Im contemplating getting a matching Synesso double basket.
    If anyone has put one of these on a VBM (Levetta)--does it change the lock-up of the portafilter at all?
    (I ask cause I tried a bottomless portafilter, and it would barely lock in on my Levetta.)

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    Re: Synesso basket in VBM

    Hi Greg

    I have the new Barista matched to the double Synesso basket on my Bezzera without any problems
    The VBM has the same group head so it will be ok

    However if you get a triple basket thatís when you will run into problems


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    Re: Synesso basket in VBM

    My double Synesso (ridgeless) probably sits just a smidge higher than the standard basket and the handle locks ever so slightly earlier. Hardly noticable really - certainly no issue.

    It knocks cleaner and with the standard spring still in place, the basket is alot easier to remove.

    The Barista is nice too! :)


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