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Thread: Rubber feet for VBM Domobar Super

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    Rubber feet for VBM Domobar Super

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    Ive recently bought a VBM Domobar Super, and Im starting to get some great shots out of it! *YAY!

    However, the feet of the machine appear to be stainless steel, so I dont feel comfortable placing it directly on our granite bench top. *Ive currently got some cardboard under the feet, but it slides around really easy.

    Im thinking that Ill need some kind of rubber feet or mat to place on the metal feet. *Does anybody have any suggestion of the best way to go about this?


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    Re: Rubber feet for VBM Domobar Super

    You can get some adhesive gel pads from the two-dollar store and stick those on the bottom. Hardware stores have a large range of "floor protectors" which are usually stuck on chair feet, so you should find one the fits.

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