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Thread: EXTREME Gaggia

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    EXTREME Gaggia

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    if you like the idea of a Mini Coupe with a V8 engine youll like this little machine..;)

    this is how it starts

    I had a hard time finding an O-ring for it.. only thing wrong with it.. and I still didnt find one. BUT, in a non coffee related trip to AutoZone find a HI-TEMP SILICONE GASKET SEALANT and the game was on..

    Had a lot of extra parts from an HX machine I bought for $50 and just took it apart.. with all the pipes and the rotary pump came out with this little monster..

    here is a before and after

    best of all it actually works..
    this morning made an espresso shot with it and came with lot of crema.. and when set for cappuccinos the steam power is endless, wonder why, cuz the rotary pump have nothing to do with that..:/

    anyway, there you have it.. ;)

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    Re: EXTREME Gaggia

    haha, cool. Dont think it deserves to be in the $3000+ catagory but.

    Hmm I have 2 of these little gaggia suckers sitting around doing nothing... :-/

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    Re: EXTREME Gaggia


    let say that the machine that the Rotary Pump came from was WAY over 3k when new..;)

    here is a little sukker in action
    the noise while pulling the shot could be the solenoid.. change two already and still make the noise.. BUT ONLY when pulling a shot..

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