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Thread: VBM not worky! Caffeine deprivation setting in!

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    VBM not worky! Caffeine deprivation setting in!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey all

    So Ive been quite busy of late and havent had any time to make a good cup of coffee - *I finally freed up some time and went back to by machine, but now I think its unhappy with me or something, because its producing consistently bitter horrible coffee. Now I assume that it needs an extensive clean, and being me Id take the time to pull it apart and individually clean each piece if I thought that was the only way to go, but I figured maybe there was an easier way and I should probably ask first.

    So far Ive run some cleaning solution through it and did a backflush. I suspect theres some big cleaning thing that Im meant to be doing thats long overdue. Suggestions?

    Oh, and avoid big words. I havent had coffee.


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    Re: VBM not worky! Caffeine deprivation setting in!

    I am a bit of a noob, so probably not too much help to you. *However I recently had a similar problem and found out it was the beans. *I had purchased them from a large coffee chain. *When I got some fresh ones from my local roastery all was well again. *Just a thought :)

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    Re: VBM not worky! Caffeine deprivation setting in!

    Have to agree that the beans sound like a major player here.
    How old are they? Do you know the roasted on date?

    As for cleaning, what do you mean by run some cleaning solution through it?
    Did you do a descale and a backflush? Or just a backflush?
    Was the backflush using a cleaner? If so, which one?
    How did the return water from the 3-way look when you did the backflush? IE: Very black and sudsy or just a bit black and sudsy? (Sorry for the highly technical terminology).
    How long had t been since it was cleaned?

    A backflush is probably the most important part of the cleaning from a coffee taste perspective and if you have done it properly, this part of the equation should now not be contributing to the bitterness.

    Hope thats useful.


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