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Thread: VBM Domobar thermostat reset

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    VBM Domobar thermostat reset

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    My 1 year old VBM Domobar would not heat up. I emailed Chris from Talk Coffee who advised I reset the thermostat first. He said there should be a little red button somewhere on the boiler. I opened the machine but couldnt find any red buttons anywhere.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: VBM Domobar thermostat reset

    Cant remember seeing one of these on mine. Heres a pic of the boiler anyway.

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    Re: VBM Domobar thermostat reset

    I think Flynn may be right as its been a while since there has been stock. I havent seen one for a while..

    Bring it in and Ill test it and can replace the element if required.



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