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Thread: Cleaning Coffee Machines 101

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    Cleaning Coffee Machines 101

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I thought i would recount an event that occured yesterday that really proves to me how important CS is as a vessel of great knowledge. Almost to the point of if its not in here its not really worth knowing.

    I currently own a three year old Sunbeam EM6900, well looked after and well maintained and never had a single problem, and i use ut every single day minimum 4 coffees.

    So thats the backgrounds, yesterday i met up with a bloke who has a two year old EM 6910, never backflushed, descaled, properly cleaned nothing using supermarket cheap beans and he was complaining of bitter and "dishy" tasting coffee so i thought i would go and have alook.

    Now to me the outside of the maching was beautiful, i suspect he cleaned it before i arrived. I took some sunbeam cleaning and descaling tabs with me along with some fresh beans from my local cafe and ran a manual backflush then a full chemical backflush along with a extra large descale. Result...... When i removed the group head and soaked it before the chemical cleaning cycle it looked like the tar from a smokers lungs. But afterwards good as new :D.

    With fresh beans, and a clean machine you get great results, i can vouch for this as after all the cleaning we sat down and had a brew, and i have to say Bruce your technique is great making coffee but if you dont kee[ that machine clean i will huff and puff and blow your house down.

    Well i feel better after storey time so later guys and enjoy your coffee

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    Re: Cleaning Coffee Machines 101

    Hi Kaffeineaddict,

    Helping the ignorant heathens leaves a good taste in your mouth that goes well with coffee, this is another teach a man to fish story.
    I like it and thanks on behalf of humanity generally.

    Kind Regards

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