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Thread: Gaggia classic?

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    Gaggia classic?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    hello, I too am new to the site been lurking for a while.
    Doing research ! - have been looking at Gaggia classic and new expresso - appears they have aluminium alloy boilers - not particularly happy with that metal.
    Q. Is the boiler material critical to end result.
    Q. Does Gaggia Calssic or expresso rate in coffee taste stakes.
    Q. Should I forget Gaggia and start at sunbeam6910 or Rancillio
    Aolopgies for all the questions but figure if I do not ask I will not get!
    Many thanks for a great forum.

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    Re: Gaggia classic?

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    What are you looking for in a coffee?
    Whats your budget?
    Do you have a grinder?

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    Re: Gaggia classic?

    I started with a baby gaggia (orange) very happy with the quality of the espresso, but we had a grinder.

    We service this machines all the time, the only thing thta you need to do beside the backflash and cleanning you group handle is descale th boiler with Bombora Triple Action solution at leas every 6 month.

    I will be happy to chat about this machine.

    Di Bartoli Home Barista Centre

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    Re: Gaggia classic?

    Hello, Newbie here.
    Thought Id contribute to this discussion for the sake of other Newbies, and also to seek a bit of advice.
    Just bought a refurb Gaggia Classic ($295 delivered, 3 month warranty) that looks brand new. Coupled it with a Sunbeam EMO480 grinder ($187, Myer), and bought some freshly roasted coffee, so Im into this home espresso caper for under $500.
    I did plenty of online research first, and became a fan of this sites forums in the process. Went for the Gaggia (Milanese girl at work tells me its pronounced GAH-JAH) because it has been in constant ptoduction for decades, so they must be doing something right.
    First, it took me about 10 shots before I started getting decent coffee. Im a rookie. Main problem - grind was too fine. The grinder is now set on 14 out of 24 and it seems right - anything less is too fine and fluffy and just clogs the portafiller.
    Second, the quality of the shots Im now getting really is superb. And consistently good. But Im putting more coffee in than the Gggia book suggests.
    They say two spoons for a double, and I get much better results with more coffee. Anyone else???
    Third, the quaility of the foam on this machine is poor. It has one of those plastic attachments. Not a real worry for me, I maybe have one or two milky coffees a week, but its not so good when girlfriends et al demand a cappuccino.
    Thats where I need help - any advice people?? Does anyone know where I can get the steam arm modified or swapped? Can this be done easily?
    Last, the boiler isssue. Im keeping the machine clean, and using Britta filtered water, and Melbournes water is pretty soft to begin with. But any other suggestions regarding scale on the aluminium boiler?

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    Re: Gaggia classic?


    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Gaggia. Ive had mine for around 12 months now and Im still finding ways to improve the espresso it produces.
    In regards to the amount of coffee in the basket, I would throw out the gaggia book. Basically, you want a small imprint of the shower head screw on the top of your used coffee puck - this effectively means that there is a very small gap between your coffee and the shower screen.

    I completely agree about the quality of the foam out of the plastic attachment. However, there is a wonderful fix through the use of a Rancilio Silvia steam wand that is very easy to do. See

    Depending on your location, your local coffeesnobs sponsor (see left <<<<) should be able to fix you up with one of these.

    In terms of scale, just make sure you are descaling around every 6 months by using either a Cafetto or Bombora descaling solution (again speak to your local coffeesnobs sponsor).

    I hope the Gaggia continues to serve you well!

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    Re: Gaggia classic?

    Ben, thanks for the tip regarding the screw imprint on the top of the coffee. Perfect.
    Will look into the steam wand mod and the descale product.
    All the best

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