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Thread: what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?

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    what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Im after a recomendation for an office coffee machine that is automatic for grinding and making the coffee and then manual for steaming the milk. Around 30 lattes a day.

    I would ideally like twin boiler and twin pump I think so i can steam milk and make coffee at the same time.

    If you dont know of any machines please point me in the direction of a decent store in Melbourne that can help me out. where in fitzroy.

    Cheers Troy

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    Re: what automatic coffee machine for the office should i get?

    Weve had a Saeco Royal Cappuccino for a bit over 5 years. *Were currently doing around 30 cups/day and are sitting just over 29,000 in total. *It has been fairly reliable with 3 trips to the service company during the 5 years for minor repairs. *Apart from keeping the exterior & steam wand clean (and flushed), we have our cleaner wash-out the brew unit (very easy) each week.
    Ive gotta say though, the shot quality is variable, even though we use the same beans and settings. *Compared with the different manual machines Ive owned at home over the years (currently Silvia/Rocky), the Saeco shots are rarely as complex and flavoursome, but are sometimes surprisingly good. *Alas, I cant reproduce that quality consistently on the Saeco. *That being said, people learned to use & look after the Saeco pretty quickly, and this definitely wouldnt be the case with a manual machine. *Most people here drink latte-style coffees and hot chocolates and probably dont notice the shot quality differences or lack of taste. *Even though the coffee can look pretty good with a healthy crema (thanks to the brew unit), shots can taste thin/watery. *The Saeco brew units all seem to be pretty similar, so I dont think I could rate any one Saeco model above another.

    Good luck,

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