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Thread: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

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    replacement silvia screw Melbourne

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    Hi all

    having played with miss silvia for a couple weeks now, that screw indentation on the pucks is really starting to annoy me. *>:(

    reading around the forum i found that the replacement screw (for a straight swap) is a m5x12 with a button/mushroom (or anything with a low profile) screw in s/s

    had a look at bunnings yesterday and couldnt find anything that matched. the closest was a screw that was m5x15 in size but was zinc coated and i wasnt sure if that would be up for the job.

    any ideas where else to look? (SE suburbs melbourne preferably)


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    Re: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

    Mate give somewhere like Coventry fasteners a call. If they cant help, they will put on to some than can. There is one on Greens Rd Dandenong from memory.

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    Re: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

    Or a marine shop and ask for a M5X12 button head socket screw (preferably stainless).

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    Re: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

    When I was searching for same I found...

    I was looking at the "M5X12 Button head socket screw G304"

    I never ordered from either as SWMBO found a M5x16 at work - a bit of quality time with a hacksaw and file soon rectified that problem.

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    Re: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

    Just bought a box of 100 screws, figured plenty of people coming on here are always looking for them anyway. Once Ive got them, Ill sort something out so people can get one easy and cheap.

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    Re: replacement silvia screw Melbourne

    When I lost the screw for the silvia (got tipped down the sink - dont ask) I ordered a replacement from Coffee Parts. I expected to get the usual bolt but instead got a button screw.

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