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Thread: First Automatic Purchase advice... up to $1500 .... Please dont be offended :-(

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    First Automatic Purchase advice... up to $1500 .... Please dont be offended :-(

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All,

    Firstly.... Please dont be offended that am after advice on an automatic machine. I have checked out the forum a fair bit of late and quite aware of most peoples opinions of automatic machines and well understood. I have a background in hospitality... I might just leave it at that and bravely soldier on.

    So.... my partner and I would like some decent coffee in the house.... Maybe before work here and there.... probably on a saturday or sunday morning.... and for friends and family etc.....

    I spent 10 odd years in hospitality and feel I know what a decent coffee is but have grown a little lazy in my older years and do enjoy a simple but effective gadget.

    So... I am looking for advice on an automatic coffee machine.... you know... I press the button.... turn my back to catch some tv and bang theres a atleast half decent coffee or two... Nothing fancy.....

    I guess the big thing with auto machines is reliability. I have scoured many a forum and review site and cant seem to find a reliable machine. I guess that is saying something. But.... its a little present for us and we dont really drink all that much coffee but do want something that brews a half decent cup without as little fuss and effort as possible... Not much to ask huh..... *::)

    I am looking to fork out up to about $1500 I guess..... *And I am in Brisbane so a local shop with good product support and maintenance would be a bonus.

    I appreciate any/all guidance and advice.



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    Re: First Automatic Purchase advice... up to $1500 .... Please dont be offended :-(

    Hi SKT and welcome to the site.

    Firstly just to clarify, what youre after is actually referred to as a super automatic coffee machine.

    Coffee machines are either manual, semi-automatic, automatic or super automatic. The last category is the only one where you dont have to tamp the coffee yourself.

    I cant say I have much experience with them, but do know that Jura is the brand that most knowledgeable people recommend.

    You should speak with Gilkatho, a Qld-based sponsor (see link on left of page). The 2 machines below are within your budget.

    Good luck!

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    Re: First Automatic Purchase advice... up to $1500 .... Please dont be offended :-(

    Hi SKT,

    Its not that were offended--I suspect that wed all buy what youre after, IF it really existed.

    Automation costs money, and smart automation costs really BIG money, so at $1500 you have to make choices if you want good coffee.

    To paraphrase a bit of engineering a saw once, the true relationship of those choices is as follows:

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