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Thread: Vibiemme Domobar Levetta (Piccolo) - pressure issue

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    Vibiemme Domobar Levetta (Piccolo) - pressure issue

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    Hi there

    I have a VBM Domobar Levetta (Piccolo) and have a few issues with getting good extraction. The model has a "tank" and is "non-plumbed" model.

    I used to get 10 bar pressure from group, however, it has got prgressively worse and now am not getting 2 bar, and espresso trickles from the head, and doesnt produce crema.
    This is a home machine, however, we crank it every day.

    I have tried to isolate the common things i can think of
    - cleaned shower screen/group head.
    - adjusted the grind, and thats not the issue.
    - there are no air-locks in the hoses in the water tank and water is being pumped through the group
    - dismantled and checked for scale in the lever mechanism.
    - removed the machine housing cover to check water pump is pumping water - it is a vibrating or vibra pump and is working.

    Things i cannot ascertain is
    - Can the pressure be adjusted anywhere?
    - Does this issue point to a glaringly simple fault or adjustment?
    - Are there other parts i should replace/service?

    The water pump has a screw mechanism on the machine side of the pump, which looks like it would control water flow. But how about pressure to the group? Is that done at pump, or somewhere else?
    Just wonder how is this adjusted on this machine?

    Are there any other parts i should be addressing by cleaning and inspecting?

    (I have no aversion to this and am mechanically minded - it looks pretty damn simple in there !)

    Any specific advice would be gratefully received, as im now hangin for a tasty brew again!

    Kind regards
    and thanks in advance


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    Re: Vibiemme Domobar Levetta (Piccolo) - pressure issue

    I cant help you with any further technical suggestions regarding your machine,
    however I would suggest you might get better response if you post in the "brewing equipment-midrange" section.
    CSrs who can help with this type of question are more likely to be looking in there.

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    Re: Vibiemme Domobar Levetta (Piccolo) - pressure issue

    Hi Sam,

    Assuming that there is no water leaking from the exhaust of the group, some possibilities which immediately come to mind are:
    [*]Faulty OPV jammed open- scale?[*]Scaling in capillary tube leading to gauge- leading to an incorrect reading[*]Pump on the way out (though this would be pretty unlikely)

    Id get a pressure gauge onto the the group first to verify that what you think youre seeing is actually occurring..

    Failing this, its probably a job for a service bloke...

    Good luck ;)


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