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Thread: Silvia 2008 vrs 2009 worth the extra?

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    Silvia 2008 vrs 2009 worth the extra?

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    was wondering if i could get some quick advice. i have found a deal to pick up a new 2008 silvia and rocky doserless for just over 1000 which would represent an entry package for me into the world of home espresso (we have a commercial machine at work - but i am definitiely still a beginner).

    should i shell out the extra 100-200 for the 2009 silvia?

    reading the posts it seems that the upgrade was mostly cosmetic.

    would appreciate any advice. i am currently working up in northern nsw, but will be back home in syndey in a few weeks.

    many thanks, chris

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    Re: Silvia 2008 vrs 2009 worth the extra?

    Hi chrisando and welcome. I am also a newbie but have brought a Rocky and was looking at a Silvia. Yes I have it on good authority that the 08-09 upgrades are purely cosmetic. If the "old" look doesnt faze you save the $s and put it towards a good tamper or some fresh beans.......

    Regards, Steve

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