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Thread: Silvia Milk Jug

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    Silvia Milk Jug

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi, Brand new to posting on this site. I am about to upgrade from a Dreville Cafe Roma to, I hope a Silvia. I am roasting beans in a breville popper and grinding in a SB 480. I am hoping for a big improvement in my espresso shots. Could someone with offer advice as to the size of milk jug the Silvia would be best suited to? 400ml or 600ml? Does shape count?

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    Re: Silvia Milk Jug

    hey there,

    Welcome to CS, as you prolly already know the Silvia has a massive fan base here, i have only recently retired my Silvia and upgraded, but i loved that machine, you will get amazing results out of it, fresh beans, thats what its all about, and a good grinder, the 0480 should make a good mate, as for the milk jug, go the 600, the silvia will easily stretch silky smooth microfoam with this, i havent experimented with different shapes, others will be able to offer advice on this, i only used the standard shape, great microfoam!

    Welcome again, and enjoy your self here.......its fun! ;)

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    Re: Silvia Milk Jug

    I have a 350ml and a 600ml. If im not careful with the 350ml I get milk everywhere but I still prefer it for single cups of coffee. I always use the 600ml for doing 2 cups or a mug.

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    Re: Silvia Milk Jug

    Hi scotchy and welcome.
    Im pretty much like muppet man in that I use a 300ml & a 600ml depending on how many milk drinks Im making. I tend to use the 300 more as I drink long blacks and Im only steaming milk for my wife.
    Tend to use the 600 when we have guests and Im producing more milk drinks. I dont have a problem with milk going everywhere when using the 300 but you do need to be careful. Experience is a wonderful teacher.


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    Re: Silvia Milk Jug

    Yeah, what they said above as far as sizes go.
    You can also, with care, steam for 3 or 4 drinks in a 1l jug,
    but some dont recommend it and you must be sure you have refilled the boiler immediately after.

    Shape question........the most significant factor in the jug shape is the shape of the spout, a more pronounced spout will enable you to pour your lattes better if you are trying to do artwork.

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    Re: Silvia Milk Jug

    I use a 300, 600 & 900ml depending on how many drinks Im making. One has to be careful with the 300 if you dont want to make a mess by opening the steam valve to fast.

    Andrew. [smiley=smiley.gif]

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