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Thread: Isomac Viper vs used Silvia

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    Isomac Viper vs used Silvia

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    Hi from NZ, this is my first post here. Ive been using my Breville cafe roma with unpressurised basket and modified BCG450 grinder for 18 months now. Its really struggling and Ive already blown one gasket and have the occaisional explosion! Ive had some OK shots out of it, but never really great. Ive decided I really need to upgrade with a budget of up to NZ$1200. At the moment I cant decide between a used Silvia and an ex display Isomac Viper. Both are around NZ$700. Ill get a grinder to match (Rocky or Isomac prof). Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. How different is the new model Silvia (v3) from the older one (v2)? I only make 3-4 coffees a day and only one of those with milk for my wife. I cant find any user reviews of the Viper. has anyone used one?
    Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Isomac Viper vs used Silvia

    Well although I cant comment on the isomac, Ive recently purchased a new rancilio silvia + rocky doserless, It was my upgrade to my first machine a breville ikon bes400.. Cant be happier with the rancilio! a little tricky to conquer at the start but now im loving the brews its producing, coffee does not taste anywhere near the same as it did through the breville!

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