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Thread: Silvia Shower screen screw

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    Silvia Shower screen screw

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    I remember seeing parts for a replacement screw that doesnt stick out like the stock screw does on the silvia, but i cant seem to find it now. Anyone know what im looking for?


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    Re: Silvia Shower screen screw

    The Rancilio parts list (first result on shows it as a M5x14 (stainless steel) although I think older Silvias may have been M5x12 (eg.

    Theres two ways - the easy but not so effective way is to just use a button head socket screw (eg. or the M5x16 and shorten it a bit (what I did).

    The harder way is to get a countersunk screw, modify the Water Distributor to suit and then bend the shower screen between them - there are better instructions around here somewhere - try search.

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