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Thread: Sunbeam EM6910 steam wand tip

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    Sunbeam EM6910 steam wand tip

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    My machine currently has the standard one-hole steam wand tip, but is there any way I can change it to a 2- or 3-hole? The milk produced is okay, but Id like to experiment a bit. Can I use any steam wands I find (with a male threading, I believe) or does it have to be specific to Sunbeam? Also, where can I find them?
    Thank you heaps for the help!

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    Re: Sunbeam EM6910 steam wand tip

    Stick to the one hole tip Stella. The beamer does not produce strong enough steam for 2 or 3 holes and the result will be worse.

    If you need any help with frothing technique, let us or me know and i will help.


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    Re: Sunbeam EM6910 steam wand tip

    Id recommend just sticking with the stock tip,
    it took me a while, but Im achieving great microfoam now!

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    Re: Sunbeam EM6910 steam wand tip

    Was in HN today and they had the Breville Dual Boiler and Sunbeam 6910 side by side. Admittedly my eyesight isnt the best, but the steam wand by the tips felt and looked to be the same diameter. The holes in the Breville are tiny - has anyone with access to both machines tried to see if the Breville tip would it 6910? Just wondering ...

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