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Thread: Saeco Talea Giro Auto blocking up - thoughts?

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    Saeco Talea Giro Auto blocking up - thoughts?

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    Since our EM6910 at work has blown up, and isnt getting replaced by warranty (grr) we have gone back to the old faithful Saeco Talea Giro. However, the big problem with this machine is that the tiny little pipe which leads from the "group head/basket" to the outlets keeps blocking up.

    Its a short 50mm ish piece of nylon tube with an ID of 2mm. In the past ive replaced it with another piece of tube sourced out of a piece of Speedflow braided hose with a 3mm ID and the same OD. But the same thing happens.

    Im pretty sure its blocking from concentrated coffee (from the short black/ristretto drinkers) drying in the tube. The manual for it is long gone so i cant see if there are any options for a post coffee flush. The Saeco Talea Touch which our other office has does a post-flush, so its probably an option.

    This is the machine for reference:

    So does anyone know if there is a way to post-coffee flush the machine, or any other solution?

    Edit: oh yeah, anyone know if you can get the steam/hot water valve separately, the local Saeco repair place arnt picking up their phone atm.

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    Re: Saeco Talea Giro Auto blocking up - thoughts?

    Espresso Italia one of our site sponsors sells them, maybe they can help.

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    Re: Saeco Talea Giro Auto blocking up - thoughts?

    This thread is some months old but thought Id mention in case anyone is interested.
    We have a Saeco Talia Touch and have "remedied" this problem from time to time by rotating the control on the front of the machine between left & right several times.
    The control I am talking about seems to indicate darker or lighter coloured coffee.
    btw, anyone know what this control actually does?

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