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Thread: Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480

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    Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480

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    From advice received and what I’ve read, I’m leaning towards a separate grinder over the combined unit of the Breville BES860. My options are two outfits;
    1. Breville BES800/ BCG800
    2. Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480
    I’d like to know everyone’s opinion of which one is the better choice?


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    Re: Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480

    If I was buying again I think Id go EM6910 and the Breville Smart Grinder...

    Only catch is Sunbeam are of course doing some evil deals with their own grinder, likely to stop people buying the Breville.

    Built in grinder to me just seems too locked into an option, Id always go or recommend separate for many reasons.

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    Re: Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480

    BCG800 and EM6910 would be the best option if you could afford it.

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    Re: Breville BES800/ BCG800 ‘versus’ Sunbeam EM6910 / EM0480

    Beware the quality of the EM6910. Gets great reviews but the reliability is very iffy. Ive been very careful with mine and have had both pumps fail. The first took 2 months to repair as it was such a popular job being done there were no replacement pumps in Australia. On the bright side the pumps have a 5 year warranty. I havent bothered getting it fixed this time as it only lasted a month last time before it failed again.

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