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Thread: Gaggia classic temperature surfing

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    Gaggia classic temperature surfing

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    Hi all

    Im trying to find out how to temperature surf with the Gaggia Classic, but all my search results come back with "you should temperature surf", but barely anything about it!

    In particular, I was interested in someones comment, that whilst pulling a shot we can switch on the steam switch to keep the temperature up.

    Just wondering if anyone has done this and how well it works?

    Sing Chee

    Ps i just realised that i posted this elsewhere in the wrong forum

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    Re: Gaggia classic temperature surfing

    I had always assumed that the temperature is too hot and should let water to flow through before pulling a shot?

    I had tried pulling right after the light switched off, and while the light is still on with water let off some temp. Honestly I didnt taste much difference.

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    Re: Gaggia classic temperature surfing

    On the classic, most references to temp surfing is in relation to steaming milk and is simply the practice of opening the steam valve just before the ready light comes on thereby tricking the machine into keeping on its element through out the process of steaming the milk.

    On mine this require a purge about 13 seconds after switching on the steam switch and then immediate steaming

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