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Thread: Hard to get water coming out of EM6910 shower after 1 week of no use?

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    Hard to get water coming out of EM6910 shower after 1 week of no use?

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    Hi Guys!

    I just returned from 8 days of some well deserved holidays. I was soo anxious to brew a really great coffee (honestly, its been 8 days since I had one).

    So, I changed the water from my EM6910 reservoir (8 days old water), and when I turned on the the machine and pulled an empty shot (just to cycle water)... no water came out from the shower screen or water heating pump (i.e. air in the pipes?)

    I filled the entire water tank and tried a couple of times more and finally got water.

    This happened to me also when I first unpacked the machine, but I was wondering if this is normal since there should be already water in the system.

    ps: I was so freaking scared when water didn't come out!

    ps2: Lovely coffee I had!

    EDIT: I am posting this in the correct forum... sorry!
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    I can understand why it happens the first time but I'm surprised to see it go dry after 8 days. When I had one of these machines, it was working fine even with taking a 4 week holiday.

    Initially when I got the machine, I complained about the lack of steaming power coming from this machine. The service center got me to check a few things:
    1) the valve/spring in the water tank
    2) open up the steam valve and run water through the group head (or the hot water wand.. i cant remember) - this is to bleed any air that's in the system.

    Turns out it was just the wetness setting on my machine, so neither of these were solution to my problem, however it could be something you can check next time you think water isn't coming through.

    Asides that - how often do you backflush your machine? I've seen machines where they are poorly maintained and it takes forever for the water to exit the group (hot water wand was fine though).

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    Actually, did a backflush with SB tablet before I left .... Weird...

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    Not exactly your problem but may help with priming
    When I completely empty my water container I often had to prime my machine with the calc filter out and then put the filter back in.
    I now just make sure that I get all the air out of the filter before I clip it back in and haven't had the problem since.
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    Hi Shawty,

    It is interesting... Now why would the machine loose prime?

    Let me try your suggestion!

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    Mmm another thing I am noticing is that pressure seems lower than before...

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