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Thread: Tamper size and weight

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    Tamper size and weight

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    Hi. Now I have had my Breville BES860 for a few months, it is time to upgrade the tamper that came with it.

    After looking at various tampers online, I wanted to know if there is an ideal weight? They seem to range from as little as 200g to about 700g in the main.

    Also, does anyone know what the official tamper size for the BES860 is?


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    Tamper size and weight

    There will always be variation in each type of machine. If you want a precision fit tamper, you will have to measure the size of your basket with digital calipers. And then find a tamper to match. But I believe brevilles are 51mm +- a little. I don't really think weight plays a huge part, the little plastic tampers are useless, but the majority of force will come from the user anyway.

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    The weight of the tamper depends on you. Most quality tampers weigh in at between 400g - 500g! Best bet is to get in contact with Greg Pullman as he will be able to make you a tamper to fit the BES860 filter basket. The standard piston size on the BES860 tamper is 54mm.

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    I agree, the diameter of the tamper is important, the other things to consider are the type of base, most go for flat and I see no reason to do otherwise, but most importantly is the height and shape of the handle, it needs to fit your hand comfortably, I believe Greg Pullman makes tampers with adjustable spacers so that the height of the handle can be adjusted to suit the users hand, a point overlooked by many buyers, a poorly fitting handle is a pain in the hand, literally.

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