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Thread: Rancilio S24 wanted - must be in good working order and somewhere near Melbourne

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    Rancilio S24 wanted - must be in good working order and somewhere near Melbourne

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    Hi and good morning. I'm new to Coffee Snobs - so this is my first venture into posting a thread.

    We came over to Melbourne recently from the UK and brought a Franke Saphira bean to cup coffee machine with us. Sadly, it's not well known here and we've struggled to get it serviced and fixed (on what seem to be the increasing number of times it's breaking down!). Last week the steam nozzle died and I think we're now facing getting a new machine.

    We've done some research and spoken to friends who have serious coffee machines in their kitchens. Rancilio have been highly recommended to us. We've looked at the Epoca but my husband actually prefers the older S24.

    Does anyone have an S24 for sale or know where we might be able to get one???

    We live in Melbourne, so we need to be able to pick it up or get it shipped here by courier.

    Hope someone can help ... thanks. D

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    Member gz20tt had an S27 for sale in Melbourne

    In the for sale section on the second or third page

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    They're not that uncommon to find here...or if u really get desperate the Place of Evil has them prop up pretty frequent too. I've got one myself, and I can vouch for how amazing a machine they are.
    There's a few things to watch for though. If they're an ex-commercial machine, or been neglected in the past (through little to know cleaning/descaling) chances are they're probably not worth the $$$ you throw at it.
    But, look after it well and it will last u a lifetime.
    Good luck with the find!

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