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Thread: [HELP] Trying to identify a EXOBAR machine...

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    Talking [HELP] Trying to identify a EXOBAR machine...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey guys,

    Totally new to, and totally new to being a coffee enthusiast.
    I've been offered a machine that needs a little bit of work, and I'm trying to find out a bit about it.
    I've had a bit of a look around different forums, and the exobar website and can't find a match.
    hoping someone might be able to tell me an 'era'. or even better a model number and share a link to a manual etc.

    anything is better than nothing.

    thanks and looking forward to spending some more time around here.

    I've attached some photos.

    sorry for the links. files too big for thread

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi buzzbouzanquet it looks like an older version Fiamma 2 group compact go to their website Expobar - Coffee Machines

    better still contact them and send through the image they should be able to help or Talk_Coffee a site sponsor maybe able to do so as I think he is an Expobar retailer.

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    thanks. i've emailed talk_coffee.

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