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Thread: BES900 no pressure just out of warranty

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    Angry BES900 no pressure just out of warranty

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    Hi guys,

    Long time lurker and I bought the BES900 when it first came out. Got my wife to buy it for father day in 2011

    Yesterday it lost pressure and reading a lot of post this seems to be a common issue for the first batch.

    Since It may be a common issue does anything think its worth asking Breville to try and fix the issue under warranty?
    Whats the chance of them honoring it since its just out but I hoping if i tell them is a known issue with the first batch
    they may honour it. Also should I request they replace the seal with a better part? Gasket I think?

    I'm taking it to Ashfield service center today any feedback greatly appreciated.


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    Always worth a try

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    Remember that "Warranty" and "Statutory Warranty" (ACCC and Government enforced) are two different things.

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    As discussed before under ACCC rules there is a reasonable expectation of the life of an appliance. Its a reasonable expectation that a machine of this price lasts longer then two years. I would have taken it to Breville themselves though

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    Just wondering what was the outcome of this no pressure? Yesterday I face the same issue but on a bes860. I'm looking to send it to Breville in Ultimo to have a look.

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