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Thread: Mokita combi issue with shots

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    Mokita combi issue with shots

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    I scored a mokita combi of friend a while back , the machine is very immaculate not a scratch , but runs very bad shots , i dont know if its a internal issue ,i have been playing around with grinds and shots and basically the shots either rush out , or when i go really fine it cant pull the shot at all ,and basically zero crema on every shot ,and the coffee looks like brewed junk ....

    i have inspected the inside all looks good no leaks , but now im thinking taking it in to a technician to see whats the issues are, the steam works fine ....

    any ideas what the issues may be ???

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    Hello and welcome

    They are a very basic and simple machine.

    Are you using fresh beans, less than around 3 weeks post roast? does it need a decent clean of the group, showerhead, backflushing etc?

    Are you dosing the same amount each time?

    Not sure of your skill/understanding of what is involved in pulling a good shot, but plenty of info on this site to read.

    Dose so your finished tamped coffee level is around 5mm below top of basket (you can confirm with 5 cent test) and pull a shot. adjust grind as required to get a good flow keeping the dosing constant. Shouldnt take you too long to get a decent pour, the machine is certainly capable of it.

    If things are still going haywire, check the brew pressure if you have the facilities.


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