After pouring a shot this morning on my Gaggia Classic, I went to steam the milk - same process as ever, turn the steam knob on\off to bleed off the water, flick the steam switch on, wait, turn the steam knob on again to start steaming.......stuck tight! Apply a bit more pressure...still stuck!

I let it cool down, took the knob off (hmmm. how to phrase that one ) and used a pair of pliers on the spline. Nope, stuck tight. I let it go thorough another heat cycle and tried again, still stuck.

I haven't pulled the machine apart before (no need) so I don't really know the internals very well. But desperate times here

I took the top cover off and undid the nut the holds on the steam pipe and then undid the allen bolts that hold the (steam valve?) to the boiler. After getting the bolts undone it was still stuck tight to the boiler, ugh! I don't really know if I need to remove it, but I guess I could at least get a better look at why it's stuck if I could get it out.

I always close off the steam knob gently, and when I bled the water off initially there as no resistance at all, so it seems really odd that its now stuck tight.

Any ideas?