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Thread: Help - Repairing Sunbeam em6910!

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    Lightbulb Help - Repairing Sunbeam em6910!

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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post on CS, and it's nice to exchange our experience on our machines.
    I'm having a 2nd em6910 buying from gumtree. The previous owner probably used it for a bit over 1 year.
    Everything seems right with making coffee and frosting milk; however, the pressure gauge is dead.
    Therefore I decide trying to repair it. I did research on several old threads in CS, and found two seem pretty useful.
    But, the instructions of those two are not clear enough for me to implement on my machine.
    Firstly a post from TommyV:
    -He explained a bit idea how to replace it, but not really describe how to implement it. For example, how he got the spare gauge? how to detach the gauge?
    Second post is from artman:
    -He stated one of the cause on the gauge dead is from one of the pipe; especially on the 90*bent pipe. Anyway, I don't know how I could remove that pipe from the machine as it's surrounded by lots of wire and pipes.
    If anyone has experience on these circumstances. Please help me sort it out, what I need is a little bit detailed guide(tools in use, etc.) to implement these repairs.

    Furthermore, I got one more problem on my collar's screw. As I've read a "Collar Replacement guide". I try to open it up and take a look at the collar. But unfortunately, I damaged one torx screw.

    I wonder how could I unscrew it. I have tried few extractors but it didn't help.
    Thanks heaps if anyone could help.
    p/s: As an international student, my english might not be correct enough. If you're unclear at any point, please let me know :P
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