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Thread: EM6910 - watch out in warmer climates...

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    Exclamation EM6910 - watch out in warmer climates...

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    Had a bad experience the other day....

    i opened up up the back cover of our EM6910 to clean out the water reservoir which I almost never do - we use filtered water in it, and use the little flap on top to fill it up, so I almost never look in there.

    anyway, in the bottom is a reasonably well decomposed gecko lizard......

    we we had been drinking a special "gecko blend" for what looked like the better part of a month or so. He must have decomposed quite gracefully, as we did not notice any nasty tastes (besides my wife's occasional attempts at a flat white...). Needless to say the machine got an extra good flushing and descaling.

    the culprit in the case of the 6910 is the little finger hole in the back flap. Perfect size for small reptiles. He must have thought he'd hit the jackpot - a nice warm, dry hole with the aroma of Campos beans!

    the moral of this story is if you live in an area where there are geckos, tape up the finger hole, and visually check the reservoir every day.


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    I know the feeling. I bought my 6910 2nd-hand and got an EM0480 with it. In trying to make the grinder work as it should I took it apart and found a cockroach living happily inside - must have crawled up the chute at some point. Massive cleanout followed. Of the grinder AND the 6910.

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