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Thread: Sunbeam EM6910 losing pressure

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    Sunbeam EM6910 losing pressure

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    Hey guys,

    I've had my 6910 for about two years and usually make a few coffees a day from it.

    The other day I was testing out some coffee I roasted (and different grinds) and knocked out 5 or 6 double shots, one after the other.

    By the sixth shot the pressure was so low and no lovely coffee liquid was produced.

    With the next two shots I was easier with the tamper but still with no success.

    My question is - can someone tell me a bit more about how many coffees these machines should be able to produce one after another? Do they need a rest in between shots? Is it the fact that it's not a very expensive machine the reasoning behind the loss of pressure?

    Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

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    This sound very odd. Is the pressure guage reaching the same spot? I don't understand how they operate, but I would expect the pump to either work... or not.

    The only reason I see for no liquid is choking the machine, you mentioned different grinds?

    Ideally these machines should have a bit of time to readjust temp after a shot. Generally after turning it on I notice after 10 minutes the clicks of the element on/off are far between and consistent indicating the temperature is stable. Mind you, latent heating of the entire machine takes longer to be 'truly' temp stable. Try listening after pulling a shot, a minute or two should be enough to recover.

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    Seems a bit weird. Have you tried leaving it a while and see if it works ok then.

    Have you run cleaner, descale through it.

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    I've run 6 through mine only a couple of times but the 6th shot was probably better than the 1st. Something is odd here - the machine is not a boiler type so pressure comes 'on-the-fly' so to speak. If the pump is running and you have water then you should be getting the same pressure at the group head. Maybe some more details - as above, does the sound change between shots? Does the pump sound the same from first till last? What is the gauge doing? Is there any reason your technique might change over the time of doing the shots? (i.e. are you cleaning the basket properly after each shot? Do you flush the group head between shots to remove ground that get stuck up there?)

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    Burr, thanks for the reply. The pressure guage is reaching the same spot. Only slightly different grinds, to get a slower flow, etc, nothing drastic. Maybe that's it, maybe it just hadn't heated the water up enough and therefore didn't push it through.

    Rawill, thanks also. It did work a few hours later and I have run descaler, cleaned the group head, etc.

    Journeyman, thanks for the reply. Did you have any break in between the six shots? If you had a small break it might have been enough to heat the water up enough to push the shot through. I literally pulled a shot, tipped it down the sink/sipped half of it, dumped the puck, ground, pulled again.

    Sound doesn't change between shots, just on the 5th or 6th shot it went quiet and nothing happened. Guage is in the same spot as usual. I don't think my technique changed, no. I do flush the grouphead and clean the basket, yeah.

    I will give it another shot in the next few days I think with a minute or two rest in between each shot to see if the lack of hot water is a problem.

    Thanks again everyone

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