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Thread: EM6910 Repair or Replace?

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    EM6910 Repair or Replace?

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    I have a 5ish year old EM6910 that is failing to power up - either the logic board or pump has gone.

    Is it worth repairing or am I throwing more money away.

    This is the second $500-$1000 machine I have had - a breville auto machine before.

    I would like to go to something that has less electronics and maybe a boiler, either new or second hand.

    Would really like to spend <$500 but maybe <$1000 if can be convinced it would be a long term investment.

    Is anything possible in that budget - would even consider something manual but need to be able to make up to 6-8 caps in one go.

    Any suggestions?

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    Nuova simonelli (heat exchanger) as long as you don't need hot water. Slick plastic casing saves $, still looks good at can pump it out. $1000 CDN.. long term investment though. You can pull and steam at the same time, but no PID.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delish007 View Post
    ......You can pull and steam at the same time, but no PID.
    The EM6910 can do this too.

    OP, new board is about $80-90, new pump $50 or so. The Sunbeams seem to develop a habit of breaking more stuff once something's gone wrong, maybe it's just my bad luck though. Good time for an upgrade though, your choice.

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    From memory some topics have gone into what the problem is when the machine doesn't ready itself (lights keep on flashing). I think its either going to be a thermostat or one of the thermoblocks. You can semidiagnose it by warming it up for a while, and checking if top of the steam wand/collar are both hot.

    Anyway, if its 5 years old it probably isn't worth fixing, it will only have another few years in it. I say time for an upgrade!

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