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Thread: EM3600R Replacement Pump

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    EM3600R Replacement Pump

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    Hi All,

    The pump in my Sunbeam EM3600R was making quite laboured noises and I decided to be proactive and replace it with a new pump I purchased online. The new pump arrived, the specs matched the old pump.
    Disassembling the machine and replacing the pump seemed straight forward except now, when I turn the machine on the new pump doesn't respond. The power light is on.
    Now I have a second machine at the office, so I brought that home, swapped pumps to check things, nothing worked. I put the old pumps back in & still nothing.

    Is there something I'm missing here, do the pumps need to be primed. Is there a safety switch somewhere I can't see? I can't find a wiring diagram online. Anyhelp greatly appreciated.


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    No need to prime, should just start sucking water. Have you checked the pump is getting power? Careful 240 volts can kill.


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    Hi artman, I checked for voltages across the terminals on the pump and I don't get 240V when I use the controls. There's a small controller board and I've swapped across machines as well. There's definitely 240V across the on/off switch but thats it. I noticed on top of the thermoblock there appears to be some sort of a fuseable resistor, I checked this and its not open circuit.

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    Thermal cutout on the thermoblock will cut power to the whole machine not just the pump. This machine has a Klixon protector on the pump? Small white rectangular thing that clips into the side of the pump? Check across it for continuity (with the power OFF).
    If you put another, known working, control board and pump in the machine then it's something else. Klixon protector would be a likely cause, not sure why it would have failed during a pump swap though seeing as they're a thermal cutout. Perhaps you damaged the wiring or damaged one of the spade connectors during the repair? Check the wiring and connectors to make sure they're ok.

    Can you post a photo of the current setup in the machine? Might be able to spot if there's any problems.

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