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Thread: Breville BES870 issue

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    Breville BES870 issue

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    Hey guys have had my Barista Express for just over a month now and love using it. I am having an issue though that seems to be consistent and I am not sure if it is normal or what could be causing it but every now and again the shot will start to under extract and I have to put the grind down to 2-3 fineness to get a decent shot otherwise it will under extract. If I leave it for a few hours though or do not use it until the morning it goes back to normal. It only seems to happen when the hopper is getting low too. Any ideas on what could be causing it or what I should do? Cheers

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    I think you're probably drying the beans out and staling them prematurely with the heat of the machine, hence the finer grind needed. The only way out of this is to put the exact amount of beans in every time you use it.
    I just fill the basket and tip them in and for me that's near enough, but you will get more consistency if you weigh the beans.
    You're never going to get perfection out of this machine, the grinder just isn't good enough to adjust as beans age on a daily basis, so odd days you'll get unsatisfactory shots.

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