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Thread: Imat mokita automat

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    Imat mokita automat

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    Hi everyone

    I've picked up a mint Mokita Automat but cannot find any info on the web about it. I'm hoping someone can point me to a user manual and / or the importer for spares. I haven't fired it up yet, so not sure if it works or how good the shots will be.

    I was hoping I could upload some pics from my c: drive but doesn't look like I can.

    It is an automatic machine and weighs about 14 kilos. On the front it has a 3 button touch pad - pouring the shot, turning on/off the steam arm or pouring hot water. In the background it has the word "Meeting > > >" with a picture of a cup of coffee. It also says Mokita > > > AUTOMAT

    On the back, the badge says IMAT sri and Meeting Vapore 2004. Serial No. is 00015.

    I haven't been able to find anything via Google - pictures or otherwise. I also tried Lygon Imports but drew a blank there.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Never hear of an Mokita Automat. Most are just Mokita (IMAT/Nemox/Quaha/Lelit) Combi models. Also the Serial Number of just 15? Either this is some rebraded machine or maybe maybe some sort of prototype?

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    Try contacting Charlie at JetBlack Espresso, they import the current generation of these machines and may be able to help you out...


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    thanks guys for your replies. I'll try Jetblack and see what I get.


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