I'm extremely grateful to now have a Saeco Via Venezia. I'm just still trying to learn the best way to use it and to clean it.

I found this YouTube video on how to descale it:


But it only seems to cover the wand on the side. How do I clean the Crema Filter holder?

Also there is this funnel on the top of the unit. Is it safe for me to pour boiling water into it, so I can make sure it is clean?

I also found these 2 YouTube videos (2 parts of the same demonstration) on how to use it:



Are there other videos I should look at? I have downloaded the pdf file of the manual from here:

RI9367/01 Saeco Via Venezia Manual Espresso machine RI9367/01 Silver - Philips Support

Is Philips the best place for me to get spare parts if I need too? How are their service centres or retailers I can go too? I live in the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

I do notice it makes a loud noice when I press the espresso button but is that because I haven't yet put coffee in the Crema Filter Holder?

I got my business informations systems degree last year but I'm practically useless with these contraptions. I suppose I should relate my sad past encounter with a coffee machine in a certain establishment but I'll save that for another thread.