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Thread: Used Silvia Cleaning

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    Used Silvia Cleaning

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    Hi everyone,

    I just picked up a second hand Rancilio Silvia v3. It was about 18 months old but looks brand new as its only ever made about 4 coffees, and I believe him. The issue with it hardly making any coffees is that when I first ran water through it the water was quite murky and foamy and smelt chemically. It cleaned up after a few litres going through it. After running the steam through more came out.

    It still smells a little bit but is relatively clean.

    Would you recommend cleaning it prior to using in case more starts coming out and would you worry about the smell?

    I was thinking of just getting some descaler? Or do you have to backflush it and buy a backflush piece.


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    I would certainly run a descaler through it and give it a good flush before using it.

    I've found Cafetto Restore to be a good easy to use product. Barista Accessories Cafetto Coffee Machine and Grinder Cleaning Products | Coffee Parts

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    Thanks. I have ordered a blind filter, brushes, descaler, and backflush.

    Just need to find a good deal on a grinder now.

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