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Thread: EM6910 Group Handle?

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    EM6910 Group Handle?

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    So yeah, more questions, nooo!

    I procured an older EM6910 (or EM6900) last week for baskets mostly since my pre-Christmas purchase was lacking one. For the price, I thought it would have been a bonus if it worked anyway.

    After reading a few posts about the collars and group handles, I'm not surprised the cheapy wasn't seating properly either.

    What I found was that when the original group handle is used, it doesn't pour 30 & 60mls standard shots . They are short about 10ml & 20ml respectively and the machine has been reset to factory at least 2 times.

    Using the "new" handle it pours the amounts correctly but is a really really bad fit. It also has a plastic insert.

    Is this insert standard? [edit: I have found some online]. If so, how do you get it out? A small flathead screwdriver doesn't work, d'oh!

    the *good one* is on the left. I have a suspicion the original owner removed it.

    Does the insert have any full purpose?

    When I take my good/usual group handle out after a shot, it retains quite a bit if water that dribbles out when placed on the drip tray.

    I know I have the capacity to lengthen my shots either way.

    BTW, sadly my $30 spare parts machine has bad corrosion under the shower screen. I haven't bothered seeing if it even runs in any capacity yet.

    Ta, PJ.
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    Hello Peej,
    Welcome,your handle is a standard sunbeam group handle ,plastic insert will pop out by placing a small flat tipped screw driver through the outlet (remove spout first) and it will pop out easily.
    The corrosion you speak off will come off with some steel wool or even a scouring pad,I've had that often on older neglected machines.
    The purpose of the plastic insert is purely cosmetic ,covers up the trapped "gunge",once removed cleaning is never a problem...silly idea IMHO.
    Your pouring rate is a bit of a puzzle especially after resetting,could do with a good descale/back flush too, which may help.

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